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Air Scrubber Unit (Dry)

Capacity Range: 3000-50000 CFM

Balance Air Equipment’s has a wide range of air Scrubber units in various applications from small premises to the largest industrial premises like Industry, Ware House, Poultry farms, Kitchens & Generator Room buildings, etc. Commercial Places.


  • Air Scrubber units have a Fan driven by Squirrel Cage AC Induction electric motor to move the air. Fan typically DIDW &Plug Fan with VFD Driven.
  • In Dry Scr. have ESP to eliminate the pollutant air and carried out the fresh air in the atmosphere.ESP have typically SS Spiked ionizers to create high voltage DC field, and aluminum collector plates which should be alternatively charged positively and negatively with large
  • Collecting area with deep cell, to work as a magnet for charged smoke and oil particles. The average efficiency of 90-95% in a single pass as per the ASHRAE/DOP test method. The electrostatic Precipitator should be able to charge.
  • Air Scrubber frame with Al. hollow profile with necessary accessories like PVC jointer, screws, gaskets, etc. Panel thickness as 24, 40 & 50mm available.


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