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Air Washer Unit

Capacity Range: 2000-80000 CFM

Balance Air Equipment’s has a wide range of air washer units in various applications from small premises to the largest industrial premises like Industry, Ware House, Poultry farms, Kitchens & Generator Room buildings, etc. Commercial Places.


  • The air washer unit has a Fan driven by Squirrel Cage AC Induction electric motor to move the air. Fan typically DIDW, Plug Fan & EC Fan with VFD Driven.
  • AWS has a Humidification section typically a cellulose pad, Eliminator, SS sump, and water distribution pipe. The rate of evaporation through water distribution pipe on cellulose pad. Very high efficiency (up to 90%) with ‘Cellulose Paper’ cooling pads.Specially designed distributor tray for uniform water distribution.
  • The filter section was placed first in the AWS in order to clean air particles. The grade of filter required as per application of Filter class of Pre-filter.
  • If required Intake Louver chamber provision in AWS to protect pre-filter for indoor quality.
  • AWS frame with Al. hollow profile with necessary accessories like PVC jointer, screw, gasket and etc. Panel thickness as 25, 40 & 50 mm available.

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