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Energy Recovery Unit (Heat Recovery Wheel Type)

Capacity Range: 1500-30000 CFM

Balance Air Equipment’s has a wide range of energy recovery units in various applications from small premises to the largest industrial premises like Pharma, Schools, Embassies, Operation Theatre, Laboratories, R&D Facilities, etc. Helps to meet ventilation standards without raising energy costs. Pre-conditions incoming fresh air.


  • The energy recovery unit has Fan driven by Squirrel Cage AC Induction electric motor to move the air. Twin Fan typically DIDW, Plug Fan & EC Fan with VFD Driven.
  • An ERU has a Heat recovery wheel-type flow section typically a wheel.
  • The filter section is placed first in the ERU in order to clean air particles. The grade of filter required as per application of Filter class of Pre-filter & Fine Filter or Combination.
  • Mixing chamber provision in ERU at fresh & return air to maintain indoor quality.
  • ERU frame with Al. hollow profile with necessary accessories like PVC jointer, screw, gasket and etc. Panel thickness as 25,40,43 & 50 mm available. Unit construction double tier.


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