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Double Skin Multi Stage Cooling Unit

Capacity Range: 2000 - 40000 CFM

Double Skin Cabinet 25/40/50 +/-2mm thick puff panel construction in Aluminium Extruded Framework profile, Sump designed is SS 304/SS316 sheet for the sensible and adiabatic section with 4 MIST COLLECTOR 4/6 Bend with necessary accessories like PVC Jointer, Screw Gasket and etc.

  1. In IDEC has two sections for cooling air are:
    1. Sensible Heat Exchanger: In this stream working as across heat exchanger. Flued bed highly thermal conductive engineered polymer. Hallow extruded aluminium frame provides high rigidity. Tight plate edge connection through folds. Corner sealing with a PVC joint insert. The air is divided into two streams primary cool air inlet and secondary hot air exhaust in the atmosphere. Scavenging air shall be 35% for the 100% fresh air supply that will give effect for the sensible heat exchanger up to 75-80% per cent at peak summer conditions. All heat exchangers are designed at face velocity @450-500 FPM, and a pressure of 10 mm WC.
    2. Adiabatic Heat Exchanger: In this section evaporating cooling system in cellulose pad with efficiency. A specially designed distributor tray for uniform water distribution and air will have direct contact with water and sensible heat in the air converted to latent heat to further reduce the temperature of the air which is provided by the cooled air.
  2. Fan and Motor Section: Primary and Secondary Fan driven by Squirrel Cage AC Induction electric motor to move the air. Fan typically DIDW Centrifugal Fan, Plug Fan and EC Fan with VFD Driven.
  3. Pump: Submersible / Monoblock type pump in SS/CI Construction. Piping in GI/SS Material with Valve and strainers etc.
  4. The filter section is placed first in the IDEC in order to clean air particles. The grade of filter required as per application of Filter Class of Pre-filter MERV 8 or Optional MERV 13/14.
  5. If required intake Louver chamber provision in AWS to protect pre-filter for indoor quality


  • Cross Flow polymer Heat exchanger promises effectiveness up to 75-80%
  • Reducing dry bulb and wet bulb temperature to achieve higher thermal efficiency
  • All heat exchangers are designed at face velocity @500 FPM, and pressure 10mm WC.
  • Scavenging shall be 35% for the 100% fresh air supply that will give affect for the sensible heat exchanger up to 75 percent at peak summer conditions.

Features of IDEC Unit

  • Minimum Maintenance: Always ready for operation through the seasons.
  • Reducing Dry bulb and wet bulb temperature: Achieve higher thermal efficiency
  • A wide variety of sizes and plates: The optimum solution for every application
  • Separated air streams: No Cross-contamination
  • Bypass available: No Mixed air section required.
  • Minimum Investment: Nominal Cost added IN AWS to increase cooling efficiency (75-80%)
  • Superior long-lasting hydrophilic Antibacterial, anti-fungus coating on wet side.
  • Special adhesives insures minimal air leakages up to 0.1% under an acceptable range of pressure limits.

IDEC Advantages

  • Improve Indore quality with 100% fresh air in supply for health
  • High energy saving and running cost is low
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable material technology
  • Maintain the temperature below 30deg. C
  • Use also in Monsoon Season

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